There is a difference between skin types and skin conditions.

Skin types are what you are born with. Skin conditions are what you can develop. 

If you are not treating your skin type correctly, you can develop conditions like dryness, sensitivity and acne.

Your individual skin type is not a one size fits all. What may work for your BFF, may not be the best product or solution for you. 


It is a common myth that we must decrease the appearance of oil on our skin or that using oil will cause acne breakouts. 

Fact: Not all oily skin types are acne prone, and not all acne prone skin is an oily skin type, but a development of a condition 

In my opinion, this misconception, along with incorrect skin care products, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, poor lifestyle choices, and too much time examining our pores in front of magnifyiing mirrors, is the cause of so many sensitive and inflammed skins today.

Good oil production and hydration is critical for optimum skin health. Overstripping our skin with harsh products will cause our sebaceous glands to go into overdrive. Period. When our skin is in true balance, it will produce a healthy amount of sebum.

This provides comforting moisture, along with our acid mantle barrier protection, allows for stretching and provides a healthy glow ... oh, and ppst...  it helps prevent premature aging. 

Treat your skin properly and let it do its job naturally.  

Embrace your oil and work with it. Your skin will thank you. Promise.

So what is YOUR skin type and how do YOU tell?


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Amanda 52 yrs

Burn injury and 3 weeks after injury using oil serum / Normal Mature Skin

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