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Not so secret skin care secrets...

Want good skin?

Here are some not so secret skin care secrets to share with you.

1. Water.


If you truly want good skin, water is the single best thing you can do for it. Don't believe me? Try going a few days without drinking water, not only will you start to feel lethargic, your skin will also feel it too... it'll look lack lustre and dull... any fine lines you have will appear more so and crepey. Skin wont 'bounce' back as much. Your skin will literally be parched like a cracked, dried up river bed.

Try drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and watch your skin restore a glow and radiance. Your eyes will depuff too! Water flushes out toxins and keeps our cells happy. Every organ in our body needs water, so it only makes sense that skin being our largest organ would need it most.

When we drink water, it hydrates all the vital organs first before our skin gets its share... apparently only about 3% of the water we drink makes it to the surface of our skin. So Drink Up Buttercup.

2. Sleep.

Ever been sleep deprived? How do you feel when you've not had enough zzz's? If you are anything like me, I'm miserable, grumpy, feel about 100yrs old and have no energy and cannot focus.

Skin feels the same. When we sleep, is when it's busy doing some major repair work... like those little fairy cobblers in that fairytale... the cobbler would wake up and magically brand new shiny shoes would have been made...

Your skin needs it's zzz's to perform optimally with the cellular renewal, to rebalance itself and to rest. Get to bed early and regular, and aim for at least 8 hours. Hey, this isn't so secret!

3. Keep it Simple

Hey guess what? Our skin is actually really good at taking care of itself.

We've spent years running to the cosmetic counters for the latest anti-aging product and take so many steps plastering all kinds of products on our skin, that it's confused and upset and like a petulant child is acting up.

Well, keep it simple.

Firstly - Know and understand your skin type.

Then using correct products daily:



Serum. Either Water Based or Oil Based.

Facial Massage.



Exfoliate 1x a week

Mask 1x a week.

Using gentle, simple products, and keeping it consistent, your skin will adjust and rebalance itself.

Don't know your skin type? Visit my Skin Type Page and you'll find some pretty simple guidelines.

4. Feed it

You've heard the expression You are what you eat?

Well, your skin reflects what you eat. You eat healthy nutritious food, your skin will look healthier too. You eat heavy, sugar laden food, too much dairy, too much wheat and flour based products and believe me, your skin will NOT be glowing. It'll rebel with fine lines, puffiness, dullness and acne breakouts. I promise.

There's a reason why those green smoothie goddesses look glowy; our cells and blood need oxygen rich nutrients to keep glowy and happy and circulating. Ditch the dairy, go green smoothie.

Add healthy fats and EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) to the diet. This will also provide natural oil balance to the skin.

Do not be afraid to glow.

5. Protect it

How would you like to be stripped naked, scrubbed raw and paraded around in the scorching sun? Uncomfortable right? Well, that's how your skin feels everytime you strip it with harsh products, scrub it with harsh exfoliators too often and then scorch it trying to get a tan.

Be modest... wear a cover up! Let your skin's natural barrier do it's job. It's there for a reason; to protect us.

When in doubt, book a facial!

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