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Fall into skincare

Fall, while in Toronto, Canada it may not feel like it, as we are experiencing beautiful deep summer weather... (my lemon tree has just exploded with hundreds of blooms) but Fall is officially upon us.

I'm a Spring/Summer gal. I love the first flush of Spring, brand new buds, brighter blue skies, wider smiles. White legs glimpsing out of shorts as soon as temps raise above 10 degrees! But, Oh give me sultry summer heat and it's when I'm happiest.

However, Fall is the absolutely stunning season. The colours are magnificent as the deep summer paints the leaves with it's embers of yellow, deep gold and red... Fall walks through nature has to be one of life's most beautiful wonders.

But.... What does means for your skin? Well, along with the season, your skin does change.

As the weather cools, the humidity in the air drops, air becomes crisper and colder. As home heaters come on, and office environments push out forced heated air, we take hotter showers and baths, we wear heavier clothing, and eat heavier, comforting foods, the skin will begin to feel a little drier, a little parched and your summer glow will begin to look dull. That nice touch of tan you picked up will begin to fade, and in it's place you will see some new sun spots that don't fade along with the tan.

Here are some tips for transitioning your skin into Fall/Winter.

*Change up your moisture to a heavier cream rather than lotion.

Summer time, we produce more oil and sweat so our skin naturally has the ability to keep itself feeling comfortable.

Now is the time to help strengthen and protect the moisture barrier.

Add oil into your routine.

This can be done by: giving yourself a lovely facial oil serum treatment massage (depending on skin type, this can be done everyday)

Adding a few drops of your favourite oil to your daily moisturizer.

Don't forget your night cream.

Night time is the time the skin gets rest and rebuilds. Adding nourishing oil to your night-time routine will give you that extra glow in the morning.

*Add moisture into the air. In your home, in your office. Pick up a mist humidifier and place it in your home. Not only will your skin thank you, your plants will too. Your skin will stay hydrated.

*Have a professional treatment involving a good exfoliation, either by a microdermabrasion, fruit acid, or chemical peels. This is going to help shed that dulling appearance, help renew and vitalize the skin cells and restore a healthy glow. Plus will help facillitate the benefits of the lovely oils and serums you will be using.

*Use prodcuts containing Vitamins C, A and E. This will help brighten, smooth and replenish the skin and help diminsh those pesky little sun damage spots.

Treat your skin right through the Fall/Winter Season and you'll be fresh as a daisy come Spring time, which will be here sooner than we realize.

Enjoy the Fall. It's about to get really beautiful.

"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go" Maya Angelou

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