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Are facials really worth it?

True... coming to see a skincare therapist on a regular basis can be costly and some may ask if it's really worth the investment? Forking out $100+ (in some cases, $200+) can be a huge committment to your skincare routine.

I've known people who are almost religious to their 1 hour monthly treatment, and those who come when their skin is in need of 'fixing'.

It's also true that while a regular treatment is a lovely luxury... you can also achieve spa results at home. If you are diligent and have the time... but, then do you actually make the time for yourself.

However, here's a few things to consider .

1. Human touch - Finding a skin therapist or an Esthetician who you connect with on 'soulful' or energy level, can provide a deeper level of relaxation. Human touch is wonderful, when done with care, and intent. I've had truly spriritual moments in my treatment room with my clients. They've left feeling either deeply relaxed, extremely floaty, or euphoric and that lasts well into the next few days.

I'm not called things like Magical Hands, Healing Hands, Skin Fairy Godmother for nothing...someone once asked me if I had bones in my fingers and that they wished I could feel how my hands felt during the treatment... I've tried, and I can't acheive that in my own bathroom.

2. Confused about our skin types -

I can't begin to tell you the amount of times I've heard "my skin is really oily", when they get a little shine by about 2 in the afternoon, or "my pores are huge", when they are really just slightly visible, or "my skin is so dry"...when the truth is, it's extremely parched and dehydrated.

Skin goes through cycles as it dies, renews and regenerates, left to it's own devices it's a truly magnificent organ. The human's largest organ in fact. It has a huge role to play and it takes a lot of abuse, by our lifestyles, the sun, but also from the products we pile onto it in our efforts for the picture perfect, poreless skin we see in airbrushed magazine prints. We all have individual skin types and understanding what works best for our own, using simple methods and prodcuts to keep it in it's own tip top performance. Your skin therapist can help you with this, they can determine what your skin type is... and what prodcuts may be much better for you and your skin.

3. Feel pressured to buy add-ons? Simply ignore the sales pitch.

It's part of our job to sell you products. But that doesn't mean you are obligated to buy them.

If the skincare therapist truly has your best interest at heart, she'll do her research about products and make reccommendations about what homecare to do. I always tell clients, no obligation, but if you are serious in investing in your skin health, 40% of the results will be acheived with regular facials, and 60% will be from what you do at home.

I'll admit, I sell products, but I wont sell anything to anyone that I don't believe will benefit from it, and in some cases I've actually refused to sell a product to someone who wanted to buy a treatment and agressive product because she was having ongoing breakouts, and her favourite celeb was using it. Instead I steered her to a calming and natural line far more suitable for her sensitive skin and offered some simple at home DIY treatments instead.

4. Popping Pimples

My biggest advice to anyone doing at home treatments is throw away the magnifying mirrors. Honestly, your pores and pimples are not as big to anyone else as they are in your magnifying mirror... the closer you get to it, the more time you'll spend, dragging, squeezing, damaging and hating your skin.

I'll give the hardest advice here. Leave it alone. Don't try dry it out with harsh alcohol based ingredients.

Some estheticians LOVE popping pimples and squeezing blackheads, (personally I get a little 'gaggy' when I'm doing someone elses). When you get a facial, it's not always necessary for extractions, especially if the esthetician isn't good, skilled or comfortable doing them. Some use tools, some use tissue covered fingertips, but done incorecctly and too agressively, your skin will look and feel inflamed rather than refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus there is potential for scarring. Unless absolutley necessary, forgoe the extractions and focus on the deep cleansing, softening surface sebum and clogged pores, exfoliation and nourishing the skin deeply with products formulated to feed the skin and keep it clear. Drinking lots of water, testing for food insensitivies and steering clear of known triggers, get lots of sleep, exercise, include EFA's and treat skin gently is far better than having face squeezed to the point of redness.

5. Don't expect overnight miracles.

I give great facials. I do. I've not ever had one client say, "meh' that was ok... I've had people rise from a super lovely treatment and are glowing with health... That's partly due to good products and proper steps and techniques ... I've had clients fall asleep on me, I've had clients release tears, and I've had lots of serene or radiant smiles and hugs after a treatment. That's partly due to my energy in the room, I read the client, can sense when they need that extra special attention and I give lots of massage, but it's also due to the fact they've allowed themselves to sink into a lovely deeply relaxing state for an hour. They leave the treatment room and all is right with the world immediately afterward. But how long does that feeling last? Who knows, depending what they are returning to.

But the effects of a facial are:

Immediately after your skin radiates a healthy glow.

48-72 hours will feel plump, refreshed, rehydrated.

28-48 days cells are regenerating and the LONG term benefits kick in.

4-6 Weeks - Time to reschedule your next appointment with your skincare therapist or treat yourself to a lovely luxurious pamper day at home.

So ongoing skin health is helped by regular thorough facial treatments for sure, over time, clients who invest that time find that they age more gracefully and more naturally without requiring so many nips and tucks. Think of it as a pay now, save later on more drastic measures.

It's entirely up to you if you feel it's worth it. Personally, I think a lovely holistic facial is worth every hard earned penny.


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