Nature's Powerful Healer! 

Blemishes, grazes, insect bites and skin irritation may all be caused by different things, but the solution is the same - Cleanse, soothe and heal. 

Living Nature's Manuka Honey Gel does just that, it's perfect for first aid, treating blemishes and almost all kinds of skin ailments, and is one of my all star products to help heal blemish prone skin in my treatment room. 

From the hive to the shelf, Living Nature have mastered the method of preserving the purity of the source in order to maximize the antimicrobial properties of Manuka. 

Manuka Honey Gel is certified natural and safe, and does not contain harsh alcohols or worrying synthetics. It quite literally is nature's first aid for your skin. 

Living Nature sources Active Manuka Honey from beekeepers in the far north region, of New Zealand, arguably, one of the cleanest countries in the world today. Geographically isolated and untouched for 80 million years, it has developed it's own unique flora and botanicals. This unique ingredient, created from the nectar of New Zealands Manuka flowers, combined with 100% pure manuka oil, is harvested using industry best practice methods. 


This is an all star! 

Size 50ml 

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel