Gold Medal Winner Natural Beauty Awards 2016/2017

Amplify your lashes! 

Your eyes enable you to see the beautiful gifts of nature. Respect thier precious wellbeing with Living Nature mascara and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. 

Fragrance Free to reduce allergy risk, out safe certified natural formulation applies easily and smoothly to naturally thicken your lashes without risking the health of your eyes. 

Used and recommended by makeup artists, our thickening mineral formulation gently coaxes every last bit of length from your lashes, framing your eyes with jet black. 

Utilizing the worlds finest Hallosite Clay, our mascara thickens lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. Our low irritant, mineral ingredients mean no eye irritation, and the staying power means no panda eyes! 



Living Nature Thickening Mascara - Jet Black