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It's not just a facial, it's a whole experience...  

What is a holistic facial? 

If there’s one thing that Amanda guarantees, it’s VIP treatment that will keep you coming back for more.

Amanda's warm and nurturing approach provides you with beauty treaments that have been called "life changing", magical and healing. 
Amanda listens to your concerns and suggest treatments best suited to your skin types, plus some homecare advice. 
Her warm consultative approach allows clients to quickly relax and drift off into a magical treatment.

You'll look forward to another and hugs are always welcome. She gets a lot from her loyal clients.


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Firmly believing in the power of touch, Amanda includes a lot of this during her facials. 

Massage of the skin, and the muscles not only feels soothing and relaxing, but it also brings oxygen rich blood to the skin, helps release tension and toxins, increase cellular turnover and can go a long way in toning, lifting and tightening the skin. Especially beneficial for age prevention.  Depending on your skin type and condition, pressue and technique will vary. Incorporating a variety of methods including European, Accupressure, Cool or Warm Stone into your customized holistic facial will ensure you get the best treatment for your skin.,

What happens during a session?

During an initial consultation, you will discuss your skin care concerns (if any) and what you wish to achieve from treatments.

Some personal details such as diet, lifestyle and general health may be discussed in confidence.

You will then be asked to lie on your back under a sheet or blanket on a massage table. A heated blanket will be placed either beneath your feet or your back to provide further comfort and deeper relaxation. Soothing music will be playing. You will be removing your upper clothing to enable Amanda to massage your décolletage, neck and shoulders. Please rest assured that your modesty will be preserved by a towel/sheet/blanket during the treatment. 

Amanda will massage a cleansing lotion into your face and neck which will then be removed by warm towels.

Following this, a gentle exfoliator will be applied for a few minutes and removed before a natural face mask to suit your skin type and preferences is freshly prepared and applied to your skin.

Whilst the masque is on, the shoulders, neck and decolletage are massaged with a natural, rich body butter or oil. 

The face will be cocooned in a warm towel and the mask will then be carefully removed. 

A Vit C/Hyaluronic Serum, will then be applied 

Amanda’s own 24ct Botanical Beauty Elixir, an oil based serum, will then be used to provide a luxurious facial massage. Pressure points on the face and head are gently stimulated to relieve tension.

Warm or cold Crystal Stone Massage, Lympahtic Massage, Jade Rolling or Gau Sha  may be performed. 

This will be followed by eye treatment and moisturizer.

What you can expect to feel?

After your treatment you will feel ultra relaxed and refreshed. Your skin will be soft and smooth and rejuvenated. Oxygen rich blood is now flooding the face and circulation to the skin has been improved. 

Some clients may feel groggy. This is because lymph has been moved, circulation is increased and toxins are being released from tense muscles.

It is always advisable to drink plenty of water after treatment to continue to rehydrate from within and flush out toxins and tension. 

Enjoy a restful day. Don’t plan any strenuous activity and it is highly recommended to take a warm Epsom salts bath later in the day. 

You will sleep well. 


You will feel assured

Gua Sha Demo


Do you Gua Sha_ _No_ Here’s a few reason

Extras that can be added onto treatment: $25

  • Gua Sha  (See demo video)

  • Kansa Wand Massage  (See pic)

  • Ultrasonic Extractions (must be pre-booked in advance) 


Packages Availbale 

In order to maintain optimum skin health, monthly treatments are recommended to renew, rejuvenate and help cellular turnover.

Plus, once you've had one treatment, you'll be addicted! 

Therefore, packages are recommended and available with pre-booking services, so you never miss your monthly facial. The more you buy, the more you save. 

Single: $120 

Package of 4 $450  ($480 value) 

Package of 8 $870 ($960 value) 

Package of 12 $1200 ($1440 value)

Kansa Wand 

A Tower of Stones

By appointment only 


I'm currently working freelance in collaboration with a couple of spas. 

Please contact me for the best appointment option and my availability. 


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