Meet Amanda Cotton

Founder of Cotton Blossom Skincare 

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Bare Faced
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Cotton Blossom is simply a combination of Amanda's family name, Cotton, and the given name of her beautiful great niece, Blossom. One day she hopes Blossom will become a part of her business.

But Blossom is only 5. 

Amanda is originally from the UK, where she earned her 4-year culinary degree, before coming to Toronto, Canada in 1988. 

After a satisfying career in the hospitality industry, Amanda then switched to a professional role and enjoyed a 20-yr corporate career with Canada's largest cemetery company, working her way up to Real Estate, being responsible for land acquisition and development and Property Management, before an unexpected job lay off came in 2013. 

 Rather than a set back, she saw this as an opportunity to take some self inventory.

Approaching 50 yrs of age, she wanted to know how to take better care of herself, and in turn to take care of others. She decided to choose a new path the Health & Wellness field. 

With a dream of one day opening her own oceanfront wellness retreat, she returned to college full time for one year, where she studied Advanced Spa Therapy.


It was there that Amanda especially connected with the skin care modules. Other students loved her treatments, and she really connected to her clients, wanting to provide the best and most relaxing treatments, while treating the skin gently and effectively.  

She decided that skincare would be her main focus.

Graduating with honours and The Student of the Year award in 2014, she has since worked as a Certified Esthetician, a Medical Esthetician, a Skincare Consultant for a well known worldwide brand, and a Business Development/Account Manager and Esthetic Consultant for a start-up Distributor of a natural skincare line from New Zealand. 

It was when she started to look at and question ingredients in products she was using and selling she began to take note and understand what they were and how they functioned.

She started to experiment making her own products. Cotton Blossom Skin Care began to take form. 

Christmas 2015, when funds were minimal in her new industry, she decided to make homemade gifts. She started off with lipbalms, bath soaks and body scrubs, which were so well received, she decided to explore further. 

As she began to experiment with different botanicals, essential oils, seed and nut oils and butters, she gained a whole new appreciation for natural healing and skin care. 

Deciding to take it further still and wanting to be taken seriously, she enrolled in a diploma program with the accredited Formula Botanica in early 2016, where she learned the sciences to create her own formulas.

She graduated with honours in March 2017.

During her studies she suffred an injury which caused trauma to her face, and started applying a combination of oils to her own skin and saw quick visible results while she healed. She not only loved learning the power of plant based oils and butters, but her skin loved it too, and her friends started to notice and ask what she was using. 

Her signature 24ct Botanical Beauty Elixir evolved from there. 

It has quickly become a 'must have' product for her friends and an ever-growing number of loyal fans and clients, even being described by some as being "liquid gold" and "magical potion". 

Amanda proudly exhibited her 24ct Botanical Beauty Elixir and her AerTerra Elements bracelets at the 1st annual Holistic Beauty Expo in Toronto on May 12th, 2017.

While developing her new indie small batch business, she is continuing her studies with Formula Botanica's programs, working her way through the International Diploma, which includes;  Advanced Formulation, Organic Anti-Aging Skincare, Cosmetic Stability, Preservatives and Masques.

She's super excited to be learning how to work with active ingredients and plans on developing her luxury product line further to primarily target women with aging skin. 

Amanda has just started her own part-time practice as a Holistic Facial Therapist, where she performs her signature, custom facials and includes some of her own natural products in the treatments. 

Strongly believing in human touch, energy and connection, her facial treatments are heavenly and have had a profound impact on many people. Some describe her as having “healing hands”. These treatments are so popular and in demand, combining Amanda's warm, nurturing energy, magical hands, consultative style, luxurious, natural ingredients and treatments, that time spots get booked up in advance very quickly.

She also realizes there is a need for advanced treatments and a little bit extra in treating the skin and 

as a certified Medical Esthetitian she has added some advanced treatments to her menu. 

This includes one ot the latest treatments on the market, Plasma Skin Tightening. A highly effective and non invasive soft soft surgery for the treatment excess skin. (viist the tab for more details) 

Realizing the power of plants and their many benefits, she has developed a keen interest in herbal medicine, has a little home-based apothecary, creating her own macerations and extracts to be used in her own skincare products, plus teas, and tinctures.

She is also currently enrolled in the Acedemy of Beauty Nutrition and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, understanding that it's not only what we apply to our skin, but what we put in our bodies that also affects our skin health.  .  

Her dream is to build a business where she can make her products from scratch, custom blending ingredients and treating her clients to a relaxing and rejuvenatating experience.

She is loving this  wonderful world of plant based, natural product formulation combined with nutrition for beauty and results driven advanced therapies. 

 A holistic approach to life is the key to a long, happy and healthy one. 

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. 

Discover your beauty from within. 

Mind + Body + Spirit = Harmony.